Fresh Exchange is celebrating the final weeks of the season with an increased $7 match on SNAP purchases! Could you help us by sharing a few words about what the program means to you? Comments unedited

All I can say is “wow”. It makes it possible to eat for the whole month. Thank you so much.

I’ve been told that I eat the most meat than some have seen from a vegetarian! That said, I consume a large amount of veggies. Despite this fact, my awakening to the various farmers’ market has broadened my already wide horizon. Thank you! (Jason Galle, Buckman)

It means great, healthy food for myself and my daughter that I otherwise probably would not be able to really afford.

The matching program means that I can feed my family local, healthy foods I can also feel good about supporting my local farmers and economy.

Fresh Exchange has made it easier to buy veggies for my daughter and I. Thank you!!

The matching program allows me to eat healthy even when I am almost broke. Getting the extra money helps me and my family every week. Thank you for this service!

Fresh Exchange is awesome! It stretches my grocery budget with great produce!

This program buys me dinner. It’s a privilege to buy food from the market – an honor, but also an expense. A little supplement makes this choice a little easier.

It encourages me to come get fresh food that is otherwise prohibitively expensive.

Fresh Exchange means I can eat ethically and still afford rent.

It has been great having matching ebt tokens, it has really helped with extending my food stamps. I love it.

October 6 – King
• I cannot say enough about the Fresh Exchange it really makes a difference in my budget. Thank you, thank you. P.
• Even $7 adds up! We really appreciate it & come to King specifically for it. (over PSU)
• It means my kids have more great food ☺

October 13 – King
• A great deal (a lot) but yes also a generous program. I come almost every weekend to shop mostly for fresh veggies/fruit to feed my family. Thank you!

October 20 – King
• Helps me buy more fresh & local veggies. So wonderful! Brings me to the market