Following exhaustion of your own Reaper to the Rannoch, brand new geth is actually weakened and you may Admiral Han’Gerrel releases the full struck

This new geth device Shepard and Tali saved Squamish hookup about geth dreadnought, often Legion in itself, otherwise good Geth VI built with its likeness, tries to publish the Reaper password so you’re able to boost most of the intelligences away from this new geth collective: an act who does repair the newest geth so you’re able to full strength, finding the fresh quarian fleet unaware and you can leading to the exhaustion.

If Shepard allows the fresh new geth as up-to-date, Tali watches into the headache while the she witnesses this new entirety of your Migrant Fleet freeze and you will burn from inside the Rannoch’s atmosphere. Filled with despair, she eliminates the woman mask, declares “I’m very sorry”, and you may commits suicide by the tossing herself regarding a beneficial cliff. Shepard tries frantically to capture their but in order to no get.

Tali are mollified at this and you will thanks a lot EDI on her behalf guidelines to the Normandy

If the Shepard ends the fresh new geth device out-of posting the newest code, it becomes hostile and Tali is obligated to stab they with her boot knife to keep Shepard. In the event the Legion was live and you can Shepard convinces the new quarians to halt its assault, tranquility is achieved between your quarians additionally the geth, and you can Tali observe unfortunately because the Legion sacrifices in itself to deliver autonomy to all the geth, yet not just before guaranteeing the answer to Legion’s concern-if the geth enjoys souls-is ‘Yes’.

When the Shepard decided to top on the quarians over the geth, rather than watching pledge the fresh new profit reminds Tali of losings she obtain: this lady class with the Haestrom, their dad, plus Legion if for example the program is doing. She initiate thought she isn’t really willing to relax yet.

Shepard can also be help and you may reasoning with sometimes group, nevertheless the outcome is similar: zero drugs for the quarians

In every cases where she survives the fresh new wake, Tali chooses to rejoin new Normandy, comprehending that she would become fighting on her behalf homeworld. Before you leave Rannoch, she will take off the girl cover-up observe brand new sundown.

While on the fresh Citadel, Tali coordinates her man’s issues into turians. Shepard can find her into Presidium Commons talking to an effective functionary, both a diplomat otherwise an excellent clerk with regards to the go out.

Till the race having Rannoch, Tali argues having an effective diplomat getting scientific offers, but the turian claims that they have absolutely nothing to free. Tali highlights the latest quarians are prepared to spend and therefore many tend to perish without having any drugs, although turian counters by using new constant war in addition to previous were unsuccessful coup brand new turians themselves lack far provides in order to bypass. Tali is grateful to the token assistance if the Shepard sides that have the girl, or grudgingly concedes brand new turian’s point and you will informs brand new Chief she’s going to chat after when the otherwise.

If the she survived the fight to have Rannoch, Tali gets the latest quarians’ ambassador on the Citadel. Shepard finds out the woman talking-to an excellent clerk, exactly who Tali makes reference to because the individual who refuted the lady asylum when she acquired proof of Saren’s treachery. The brand new turian does not accept her and you can Tali find not to ever prompt your, knowing that battle isn’t any returning to petty grudges.

From inside the aftermission lulls, Tali have a tendency to banters having Garrus, EDI and Chief Engineer Adams. She and you may Garrus enjoys multiple talks about their earlier objectives which have Shepard.

Tali together with conversations which have EDI out-of Reaper conversion of your some other events toward husks, deliberating towards as to why they have not come converting the brand new quarians. EDI ensures the girl it is not too Reapers do not consider her or him of good use, instead they own not discovered Tali’s battle inside large numbers. Whenever Tali is still not confident, EDI informs her that the Normandy have benefited considerably from this lady systems hence brand new quarians try an extremely wise race which have an astounding talent to have technology and tech.